6 Steps to Reduce Your Patient Transfer Injuries

Audit your transfer practices to discover if there are transfer errors occurring. The leading 5 transfer errors lead to 15 types of injuries affecting both the client and the caregiver.... Read More

No-Lift Patient Transfer is Now a Reality

Recent innovations in patient transfer tools and techniques make it safe and easy to transfer patients without lifting.  No-lift is a key feature of all these challenging transfers including: The Seated... Read More

Safe Manual Patient Handling

The primary cause of injury during a manual transfer is overexertion.  Overexertion occurs when the caregiver attempts to use lifting force on the patient. Most conventional manual patient transfers taught... Read More

Hundreds Certified in Safe Patient Handling

NoLiftTransfers has certified hundreds of healthcare personnel under a new program offering Certification in Safe Patient Handling.  The risk to caregivers when handling patients continues to lead the nation, five... Read More

The Ultimate Patient Transfer Toolbox

The ultimate patient transfer toolbox is simple.  It contains three tools that will allow you to transfer the majority of your patients without large bulky machines or assistants.  The tools... Read More

The 35lb Patient Transfer Weight Limit

You might think that the 35lb transfer limit would eliminate most of your patients.  Actually the majority of you patients have a transfer weight much lower than 35lbs.  The number... Read More

The No Transfer Zone

Just like its cousin the no fly zone the no transfer zone limits access to certain areas during the transfer process.  The no transfer zone extends from the knee to... Read More

Are you confused about the laws concerning safe patient handling

There is a movement by Member State Associations to implement a Nationwide State Legislative Agenda that focuses on issues important to members of the healthcare community, including nurses, CMA’s, CNA’s.  ... Read More

Progressively States are Turning to Regulating the Patient Transfer Process

New York is the next in line to promote legislation aimed at regulating the patient handling process.  The regulation is being cited as the “safe patient handling act”.  The regulators... Read More

Patient Transfer Training Utilizing The Swivel Reduces Injuries

The Swivel™ was developed to solve the main problem in the patient transfer process, musculoskeletal and tissue injuries resulting from strains occurring in the transfer process. The physical stress and... Read More